Men Also Need Yoga! Here’s One Way To Relieve Your Back Pain!

Yoga isn’t just for women. It can also be done by men. Men also have problems with their back pain. In this video, you will see one yoga pose that can help relieve that pain!

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Works like Magic… Thanks a million for this clip!! Peace be with you

The yoga pose for men that will help relieve their back pain is the happy baby pose. If you are inactive or have other hip tightness-related issue, this yoga pose will definitely help you!

The Happy Baby Pose

You start by lying on your back as flat as possible. Then, bend your knees or you can use a strap to make it easier for you to do the happy baby yoga pose. If you do this yoga pose with a strap, you can also keep your lower back as close to the ground as possible.

Once you found the comfortable position, grab your feet one at a time. Rock from side to side.

If you do not feel any stretch yet, try driving your knees out while rocking from side to side.

You can hold the happy baby pose for 45 to 90 seconds. Make sure that as you are doing it, your ab muscles and your hips are also working.

After doing this stretch and feeling the relief, you will definitely do this time and again when the need arises!

Why Man Also Need Yoga

Men are often put off by yoga because it can look too touchy feely or New Age. So, it’s important to find a way to explain the benefits of yoga to men. It helps to present it as a form of stress relief or spiritual contentment, both of which men can relate to.

Men also find yoga to be a great physical challenge. A video of Dylan Werner, for example, shows the amazing physical effects of yoga. In the video, Werner holds his entire body weight up against gravity using just one arm. Jacob Manning, meanwhile, balances his weight with his hands and feet.

Yoga Beneficial To Sexual Performance?

Men may find yoga to be especially beneficial to their sexual performance. It reduces anxiety and improves body awareness, which are all factors that can lead to a longer, deeper erection. It can also help men with mild depression or anxiety. It can also improve their libido, which is a big benefit for any man.

Yoga has also been shown to improve sleep patterns. The breathing exercises in yoga can help strengthen the respiratory muscles, which protect the body from conditions that interfere with sleep. In addition, it improves the body’s flexibility and strength. This can be beneficial for both men and women, although most males shy away from yoga due to the fact that they may not be flexible enough.

So let’s try the baby yoga pose!

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Men also need yoga