Is Orange A Great Superfood For Expecting Moms?

Pregnancy brings about a range of dietary changes to ensure your baby is receiving all the essential nutrients. Oranges are no exception, and make for one of the best “superfoods” an expecting mom can consume! High in Vitamin C, these juicy citrus fruits help support your little one’s growth while improving their iron absorption, giving them everything they need to thrive. To learn more on how oranges benefit pregnant mothers and babies alike, take a look at our informative video or follow up with this insightful article!

Pregnant women need vitamin C to feel their best and oranges are a fantastic way to get the amount you need! Eating just three juicy oranges per day can provide 85 mg of Vitamin C, boosting your energy levels for both mommy-to-be and baby. So enjoy those fresh citrus fruits in moderation – they may be small but they’re full of nutritional goodness!

Is Orange A Great Superfood For Pregnant Women?

Oranges offer expectant mamas and their babies so much more than just Vitamin C, with folate contributing to the development of your baby’s neural tube – preventing birth defects like those that can affect brain or spine.

Not only is it important for a baby’s growth as well as iron absorption, but its contribution to collagen production also helps improve skin tone while strengthening cartilage and blood vessels too! That’s why experts advise expecting mothers take folic acid tablets when pregnant: Orange power in pill form!

For expecting moms, oranges are a great dietary choice, not only do they provide plentiful fiber to ward off issues like constipation which so often occur during pregnancy, but their high levels of potassium help keep the mother’s blood pressure in check. Enjoy this delicious and nutritious citrus for optimal health!


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Are Oranges a Superfood?

Bursting with vitamin C, folate, potassium and several other essential nutrients, oranges are a powerhouse of nutrition! Eating them as part of an overall balanced diet helps to promote good health and well-being.

Incredibly low in calories while fat-, cholesterol- and sodium free – what more could you ask for? So don’t forget these sweet treats when adding colour (and flavour!) to your next meal plan. Just remember that no single food can provide all the goodness our bodies need; it’s important also to eat a variety of healthy foods every day.