Do You Want To Try Back Bending In Yoga? Here Are Three Poses You Can Try!

Back-bending in yoga is a common thing to do. So, if you are looking to extend your yoga practice into doing back-bending yoga poses, you are in the right place. Back-bending opens the entire front side of your body. Below, you will find three intermediate level back-bending poses you can try today!

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The first back-bending yoga pose you can learn is the Puppy Pose. You begin with the kneeling position and once you are ready, slide your body all the way forward. Your butt comes all the way up in the air while your chest is on the mat. This creates room for your shoulders to breathe. When you are ready to release the posture, slide back a bit and relax in child’s pose.

The Puppy Pose is great for stretching your spine, shoulders, upper back, arms, and abdominal muscles.

The Two Other Back-Bending Poses

Next is the camel pose. The camel pose begins with standing on your knees and widening your legs while doing so. Before you do the pose, warm up your back. What you can do is bring your palms onto the back of your hip. Push your hips forward and slowly look back. Do this a couple of times.

For the camel pose itself, what you need to do is push your hips forward and slowly bring your arms to your ankles. Arch your back in a way that you bend your head over your shoulders.

This pose is great for strengthening your back muscles, the back and front of your thighs, your buttocks, your abdomen, your chest, your shoulders, and the front of your hips.

The last back-bending pose you can try is the Bridge Pose. With the bridge pose, it is a rejuvenating back pose. Lie down on your back and place your heels as close as possible to your butt. Lift your hips all the way up when doing this. You should be holding your ankles when doing this pose. For a more advanced modification of this pose, you can also bring your arms over your head and lift your head while doing this to get a full stretch of your body.

The bridge pose is great in stretching your chest, neck, spine, and hips.

Why Yoga Backbend?

The backbend is one of the most challenging poses in yoga, and it often evokes fear and trepidation. It involves reaching up with the heart, and drawing the body back.

The human spine is an amazingly complex combination of flexibility and strength. When it is healthy, it moves in six different directions. While this poses can be difficult for some people, it is important to remember that the emotional benefits can outweigh the physical risks.

In addition to being challenging and enjoyable, backbends also have many health benefits. For example, backbends can help people suffering from chronic anxiety or chronic pain.

Similarly, a backbend posture may help you reduce feelings of anger, sadness, and frustration. Practicing yoga regularly can help maintain a youthful appearance and eliminate chronic back pain.

Backbends Can Relieve Back Pain?

While backbends can relieve back pain, it is important to remember that some are dangerous and should not be attempted by those with back injuries. If you’re not sure about whether yoga poses are safe for you, talk to a physical therapist or an experienced yoga instructor.

Generally speaking, backbends are safe to do if your hips are open and relaxed. If you don’t feel comfortable with them, start with simple backbends and gradually move to more difficult backbends.

The goal of backbends is to open certain energy points in the body and to release energetic blockages. This helps to heal the body on all levels.

While backbends can be intimidating, it’s important to take your time with them and learn how to adjust your body. Begin by kneeling on a yoga mat with the knees aligned with the shoulders and the soles of your feet facing the ceiling. Then, pull the tailbone towards your pubis.

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