Is It Possible To Tone Your Abs With Yoga? Definitely!

When you are at the gym or exercising at home, one of the areas that you target is your abdomen. However, not many people know that you can tone your abs with yoga. You can switch it up by doing cardio and yoga to tone this area of your body. Check out the yoga poses below that will help with your abs!

Priya writes in the comments:

Hey, your videos are awesome and really helpful. Can you please mention , how many time or for how many minutes we need to do these three exercises??

These yoga poses are for beginners, but also works well for those who are more advanced.

The first pose is done while you are lying down. Bend your left leg but keep your left leg straight on the floor. As you exhale, lift your head up and also lift that straight leg off the floor. Slowly come back down.

Do this for a couple of breaths and make sure to do the other side. This yoga pose works great not only for your abs but also for your thighs.

The Other Yoga Poses For Your Abs

The next yoga pose is for your lower abdomen. You will still do this while lying down.

Put your hands under your body to give you more support for your spine in case your abdomen is not strong enough. Raise both of your legs up and make sure it is straight. If you can’t keep them straight, it is okay to modify it a bit and have your knees bent a bit.

The next yoga pose is bring your hands under your knees while inhaling. Upon exhale, try sitting up and keep your back straight while your knees are bent. Hold this pose for five counts.

Extend your legs and hold it for another five counts. Go back to the first position where you had your hands under your knees and extend your legs again.

If you want to learn how to tone abs with yoga, there are many different poses you can try. Most of these poses don’t require you to do a lot of inversions or contortions. Instead, they use blocks and other props to help your body stay in proper alignment.

In addition, they engage deep abdominal muscles. If you don’t have the time or resources to purchase expensive props, you can use a yoga mat or a rolled-up towel to support yourself in yoga poses. Regardless of the type of props you use, you must always practice yoga poses with intention and breath.

The most effective yoga poses for abs work the entire core, including your abs.

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Tone Your Abs With Yoga