Is Your Intuition Telling You Something? Here Are Six Signs To Watch Out For!

Sometimes, we have this gut feeling about things that we cannot explain. It is usually described as your intuition. So, if you are wondering how your intuition is telling you something, watch the video below. You will find six signs to watch out for!

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This is a great video! You guys should also create a video differentiating anxiety and intuition for people with anxiety disorders! It can get extremely tricky for us.. And It’ll be so helpful for everyone! 💜
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Sometimes your head can get in the way of your intuition. You might not listen to it, but generally speaking, your intuition is almost always right.

The Six Signs Your Intuition Is Telling You Something

The first sign is a specific dream that keeps resurfacing. If this happens often and it is a recurring dream, your intuition might be telling you something important. Sometimes, your dreams are a reflection of your anxieties and fears, but there are dreams that are messages from your intuition.

The next sign is being happy with a decision that does not seem rational. If you ever made a decision that no one understood why you did it, it was probably because you just knew in your heart that it was the right thing to do. This is a sign of your intuition speaking to you!

Another sign is experiencing synchronicity. Synchronicity refers to the simultaneous occurrence of events that are seemingly related without a discernible connection. Usually, this happens when you have something weighing on your mind and you sort of find “signs” that will help you get yourself out of the rut or decide on something.

How to Identify the Signs of Intuition

With every decision you are faced with, your intuition can be a powerful ally. Drawing on past experiences and the subconscious power of judgement. It is not only possible to tap into this valuable resource but also ask direct questions related to certain choices.

However, remaining aware that prejudice or feeling-based reasoning may cause inaccurate results will ensure better outcomes from this source of knowledge. Intuition isn’t magic; rather understanding where it comes from and using awareness for when its warnings become blurred by emotion makes each path chosen in life more assuredly successful!

Intuition can be measured by a number of different measures, from the number of ideas you have to the number of times you see a corresponding idea in a movie. It can also be a great guide for your future, particularly if you listen to it correctly.

Start Taking Notes?

Connecting with your inner self and understanding what it has to tell us is key. Practicing mindfulness can help you make the most of this skill, pay attention to how you feel when confronted with certain people or situations, whether in person or online.

Taking note of any queasy feelings might be an indication that something isn’t quite right; trust yourself enough not to ignore them! Doing so will allow for more awareness and a greater connection between intuition and our daily lives.


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Is Your Intuition Telling You Something?

Need To Practice Mindfulness?

Instead of endlessly pondering your next move, why not take a step back and practice mindfulness? By taking the time to pause, you can become more aware of yourself in order to better process information.

Not only that but it could also help clear any foggy thoughts or worries from your head. Additionally, try meditating – actively listen for gentle signals such as deep breaths or melodies emanating from within – some people have an innate sensitivity which allows them to pick up on smaller details beyond their conscious control!


For instance, an intuitive person will be more likely to recognize that a prickling sensation on your arm is a harmless symptom of an itch.

Sudden Rush Of Energy?

Intuition is an essential part of our lives that helps us make decisions and find clarity. While it can be hard to notice, there are some signs we should pay attention to in order for intuition to work its magic.

It can be a sudden rush of energy, flashes of insight or understanding, and even mysterious visions. By recognizing these small signals from within ourselves when they appear, we can use them as stepping stones on the path towards achieving our goals and finding inner peace.