Do You Think You Have Good Intuition? Check Out These 7 Signs To Confirm That You Do!

With gut feeling, you are always on the crossroad of whether or not you should go with it. It’s a huge thing to trust and go with your gut and intuition so it is only natural to decide if you want to trust what your intuition is telling you. It could go really good for you, or really bad if you go with your gut. That is why there are seven signs you need to know to confirm if you have a good intuition!

Jamie writes in the comments:

When I realized I had a strong intuition and started listening to it it really helped me in my life. However, I stopped questioning those feelings and I started believing that my own fears or fantasies were also intuitions and doing that led me into difficulties. Since then I’ve also embraced my rational side as a way to check the work of my intuition and to consciously train my intuition to be more accurate.

I didn’t abandon intuition for reason, I don’t know if that would even be possible if I wanted. I’m seeking to integrate reason and intuition together to hopefully be a more balanced, holistic human being.

Everyone is intuitive but not everyone has the ability to use and understand their intuition to its full potential. Further, there are only a few who have really strong intuition.

The 7 Signs You Have Strong Intuition

The first sign is you are quick to pick up on emotions. Are you sensitive and empathetic? Being an emotionally self-aware individual makes it easier for you to decipher what your feelings are trying to tell you.

The next sign is being a good judge of character. Have you ever known a person who everybody loves, but you just can’t seem to see why? It is as if you know their true character or that they are just putting up a façade. When you have this trait, other people will have difficulties to deceive you because you have a heightened sense of awareness.

The third sign is having sudden realizations. If random thoughts often come into your mind out of the blue, this is a sign of good intuition. These lead to epiphanies allowing you to see things more clearly. Also, it means that you are understanding and perceiving things at a deeper level.

Another sign is being a deep thinker. Most intuitive individuals are deep, analytical thinkers. You pay attention to the little things like the signs that the universe gives you. You are also able to pinpoint patterns in your life.

The other signs are you are interested in mysticism and occult, you have vivid dreams, and you have a strong inner voice. Watch the full video to understand these last three signs and see if you have good intuition!

Tapping Into Your Intuition With Tarot?

Unlocking your inner intuition can be a mysterious yet enlightening journey. Whether you experience it through clairvoyance, flashes of insight or something else entirely, being open to its possibilities is key!

To help strengthen this special ability even further meditation and regular exercise are both wonderful steps in the right direction. The Tarot deck also serves as fantastic aid – don’t let its intimidating appearance put you off; rather use it as an easy way to relax and unwind from life’s stressors too!


By tapping into your intuition you can gain a better understanding of your life. By doing so you can see how the pieces of your life fit together and where you are headed next.

You can also get a feel for your intuition by doing a Tarot reading for others. You might be surprised at what you can learn about a person by looking at their personality and the ways they relate to others. If you have trouble interpreting a card you can always ask your readers for a second opinion.

The 7 Signs Of Intuition / Canva
The 7 Signs Of Intuition

Take Your Time?

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed when it comes to reading. Take a few moments to relax and admire the process, especially if you’re new at this skill!

Being attentive can help reveal any signs or omens that are being sent your way, so keep an eye out for those subtle signals from beyond. Although intuition is not always easy to tap into, there are ways of connecting with your spiritual side which could really aid in uncovering powerful portents through readings.

The best way to achieve this is to practice. It might sound silly, but meditating, exercising, and playing with cards can all improve your intuitive powers. You can also try videos or a tarot class. You might even want to join a community of like-minded intuitives.

What Is The Biggest Hurdle?

The biggest hurdle is trusting your intuition. You may be afraid to make a mistake, but intuition is not a one-size-fits-all. Your ego will be at ease if you can trust your gut. It can be hard to know when you are imagining things or if you are truly listening to your hunch. Getting rid of fear is a great first step to opening your psyche to the spirit.

Exploring the tarot can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it is important to approach your readings with open-mindedness and creativity. Reach out for a second opinion from someone more experienced if you are having trouble understanding what your card reading conveys, this will enhance the interpretive process.

Additionally, take some time to look up traditional meanings of each card so that you understand their nuances when coming into contact with them! Writing down key insights or thoughts related to these cards helps capture moments in which deeper insight occurs during interpretation; use this knowledge as a toolkit going forward!